Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Harvest Is Coming!

Sorry if you're bored with my garden updates... but here comes another....

Here is my veggie garden on July 1st:

It's a little overgrown for the space I have... I should have planted fewer things, or less of each. Either way there is little room to groove in there. But the harvest is coming! I have had about 5 tomatoes so far - yummy yummy. I've been picking them as soon as they start to orange out and letting them ripen on my window sill. I just don't trust those evil bunnies. But there are other things starting to grow - it's very fun to watch each day as things pop out and get bigger. The best part is going out every day with Nola and 'hunting' through the leaves for new veggies. She helps me water and pick weeds... She's a veggie gardener in training. My little shadow.

So here are a few pix of the newly emerging fruits of my labor:

A very tiny watermelon (do you see it? - it's on my second finger) And it already has stripes! This one has been named... Stripes:

A second very tiny watermelon! Look how fuzzy and cute it is...
This is Fuzz Bucket:

And yellow squash... there are about 4-6 little guys growing:

And the Maters! Lots of bright, white-green tomatoes just waiting to ripen on the vine for my BLT pleasures:

Bad picture, but this is a baby cucumber (right below the flower). There are about 4-6 of these as well.. all very tiny:

And in the first picture of the whole garden - these are the bean vines growing up and over and across the fence... the plant has done great but so far no beans - until a few days ago when they finally started showing up! Here are a few of the beginners:

And the broccoli - there is a ton of broccoli. But I have no idea what do with it or what to expect out of it - I just threw in the seeds and let it go... here's what I have so far:

And the paver area... Can you say the word, Forever? Cause that's how long it's going to be before I finish this damned project! As you can see the back stones are just in place, not set in the ground or leveled... But I have been able to get out there and do a few stones a day... I have 10 left... that's at least 3-4 days work.

So that's it I think... hopefully I will be eating lots of veggies on my new patio very soon!