Monday, February 15, 2010

Been A While.... Oops

Well... it's been a while since I posted and I totally left you hanging about the worst dinner ever post. Sorry to say, I will not be posting about it now. It's just been too long and all the funny has evaporated from my recollection. To quickly sum up, we had really bad service but endured it with lots of laughs!

My Mom's birthday was great. Cayce and I made it to 60 gifts to give her, 30 each. She loved it. The kids loved it - it was an overall hit.

We gave Logan a haircut - with Kirk's clippers. He went from shaggy to buzz - and grew up at least 6 months! And we finally resolved his cradle cap issues. He had it really bad on top of his head, but I was determined to conquer it once his long hair was out of the way. So we oiled him up a couple of times. (I put olive oil all over his scalp about an hour before his bath to soak in.) After two applications he is free and clear! But as the scalpy stuff came off, so did some of his hair. So he looks a little patchy, but not to worry... he comes from a long line of full-hair genes. He will have more than he wants in a week or so.
Here is a before:

And here is an after:

This after shot is also from yesterday, Valentine's Day. Logan got a GI Joe Car that rolls by itself - he loves it! And candy. Loves that too!
We had a Heart Shaped Menu yesterday:
Pink, Heart Shaped Pancakes for Brunch
Made Heart Shaped Cookies, with pink, red and white sprinkles
Heart Shaped Meatloaf for Dinner with
Artichoke Heart and Hearts of Palm Salad

And we had a surprise (to me) snow blizzard roll through (ok, it was only 4 inches) so it really felt like a holiday. Not the typical Valentine's Day let down. Kirk and I knew we weren't going out for dinner or anything, and we decided not to get each other any presents, so it was all about fun with the family. No pressure, no wasteful cards or flowers. (I hate getting flowers. Unless they are potted and I can plant them in the ground come Spring.). It was a good, snowy Valentine's Day.