Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Baby!

Here he is - my little Logan
8lb 1oz, 21 3/4 in, and all BOY!

Everyone's happy and healthy and glad to be home...

Maybe more some other day - I'm really tired... and by tired, I mean so exhausted that I could sleep for days!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

All Mine!

So I've been messing around with creating my own digital scrapbook stuff... Here are a few of the things I've made (everything but the ric-rac ribbon is all mine! - made from scratch!)
I know the page is quick and boring and the pictures are just all the crap we have piled up for the baby... but I just wanted to show you what I made.... I have about 9 papers, a few little things - mostly the star theme in pinks blues and yellows. Here are all the papers in the star theme:

By the way - still no baby! Dr.'s appointment tomorrow morning - will update with any news.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cutest Kids Ever!

Just had to add this - I worked on it tonight while watching the Olympics. I think it turned out pretty okay. (Notice my T-shirt from 1979 - if you can't read it, it says GYMNASTICS)

I used three kits from :
Vintage Florals
Sun Porch
Harvest Spice
and from :
Say It With Flowers

Today is my Due Date!

Well - it's 9pm... my due date has come and gone (almost). I now have 2 more full days to go into labor or it's c-section city for me. I wish I hadn't pushed to get my date moved up because now it feels too soon. I want a few more days to brew this baby and see if I go into labor.... but now it's too late! Oh well.

I guess it's just time for me to go from being miserably pregnant to sleep deprived and hormonal. Oh yeah - it's a frying pan/fire situation I'm in now. But I'm ready to get it going just so it will be over that much sooner... It should be a good 2 months before sanity and reason are fully restored into my brain. Now I will just hope that this little one is as good as the first one was. She was a great sleeper, a great eater, mostly healthy and an overall good baby. Watch! This one will be a living nightmare! I just know it! No one in this house will ever sleep again!

Ok - ramble on.... sing my song.... what? lyrics? anyway.... I think my sanity has already left me.... Will be updating when I can in the next few days.... Lots of pics to come I'm sure. After Tuesday I will be in the hospital until at least Thursday... and then insane... so watch for a new post in about a month! kidding! I will try but no promises.

Oh! I thought of a few things I can't wait to do...
drink cafe mochas!
drink bloody marys!
eat soft cheeses!
eat sushi!
maybe smoke a cigarette!
skip meals and just drink coffee!
bend over!
be a single person (as opposed to a host)!
sit with Nola on my lap!
not have my feet swell!
wear my wedding rings again!

Friday, August 15, 2008

We Did It!

(Gymnastics Spoiler Alert - if you fell asleep!)

We got the GOLD! and the SILVER! Go Nastia!
We did it! We did it!
(For those of you who are forced to watch Dora, you know the 'We Did It' song. You may sing it to yourself now...)
I'm pretty excited that Nastia, and not Shawn Johnson, won the gold. I like them both and didn't want to see either do bad, but I was hoping Nastia would pull it off! And she did!

So about those Crayons mentioned yesterday - what the hell.... They are the most obnoxious colors, all in the florescent family (or for you 80's Babies, Day-Glo). And the names are even worse than the colors themselves... Here is the breakdown:

(in order of appearance, here are their names)
Fun in the Sun
Super Happy
Giving Tree
Happy Ever After
Best Friends
Bear Hug
That's all for now... by the way - I'm still pregnant... I have 4 days to go into labor or it's under the knife for me....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoughts on Thursday

So - still pregnant. Since we have only 5 days until the scheduled c-section I think that's the way things are going to go... bummer. I'll live, just wanted it to go another way. I guess I still do have five days... My due date is in 2 days. Come on Baby Logan! Get the hell OUT!

M. Phelps apparently rules the Universe, but good for him I guess.
A. Sacramone kinda made me mad... even though everyone makes mistakes... did you have to make so MANY when it really counted? Silver still kicks ass. But Gold is better...
Our male gym team is a strange group. None of them seem very mature at all... so I guess we're lucky to have the Bronze. I didn't expect an individual medal from them... but they did good. Did anyone actually stay up late to watch? I tried. I saw the Japanese guy fall off the rings - ouch!
Prime Time Olympics is getting later and later every day! I will make sure I take a nap today so I can stay up to watch the women's individual competition tonight... it will probably go until midnight! I wish I had a DVR!

Here are the Deal-i-O's as of right now:
China: G22 + S8 + B5 = 35 total
USA: G10 + S9 + B15 = 34 total
S.Korea: G6 + S7 + B3 = 16 total

Here is one more thought on this fine fine Thursday morning....
Crayola has some really stupid color titles these days.... more on that later, or tomorrow.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pretty Picture

I have this on my photo blog as yesterday's picture of the day... but it's just so cute I had to tie it up in a bow and put it here too! Enjoy!

Sunday Stuffs

So I am now under a week until my due date - 6 days! I think I may have had a contraction here and there... little ones, nothing that has made me 'know for sure'... As ridiculous as it sounds, since I have a kid, I don't remember what a contraction feels like... I just keep telling myself that I 'will know' when the time comes. But I think things are at least progressing. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we shall see!

A few thoughts on the Olympics.

First of all, the Opening Ceremonies were really really cool.
As of this morning, here are the current medal standings: Gold-Silver-Bronze-Total
United States: 2-2-4-8
China: 5-2-0-7
S. Korea: 3-2-0-5

And a few questions to ponder (or answer for me if you know):
Hong Kong has it's own team. I thought they were part China.... What's up with that?
And the men had their 150 mile bike ride yesterday.... What do they do if they have to pee?
And what level of professional do you have to be to not be able to participate in the Olympics... I thought it was for non-pros... but Basketball players are there like Kobe Bryant.... What's up with that? What's the rule?
And what's up with the Chinese architecture on these stadiums? I don't like them...

The Bird's Nest
Granted, this is a great photo... but the building itself looks like a... well, let's just say I'm not seeing a bird's nest.

The Water Cube

And this one - while it looks very cool from the inside and would be pretty neat on a smaller scale maybe, to me just looks like a giant mattress!

But I love the Olympics and not even strange Chinese architecture will keep me away!

Friday, August 8, 2008


OMG does not stand for Oh My Goodness or Oh My God today.....
it stands for the
Olympic Motherfucking Games!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! The Olympics Opening Ceremonies start tonight!
I'm excited, can you tell? Pardon my language above, but it fit's just perfectly don't you think?
So that's all for now... I just wanted to say OLYMPICS!
Go Team USA!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Digital Pages

Here are a few pages I did tonight... I couldn't help myself... I should totally be getting things ready for the hospital and the baby but I was WAY too excited to use my new downloaded scrapbook supplies! These are some quick pages I made just for fun. Hope you like! Enjoy!

And to give credit where credit is due, all the items used in the above three pages are from the following sources: (BlackWhite) (Fushia) (Kirisue) (Knit & Stitch) (Simply Classic)

Random B.S.

BS can stand for many things... Let's start with the good things first.

Blog Stuff: I used to do digital scrapping all the time (when Nola was younger and didn't require as much attention...). I even made an entire book for her first birthday, and her birthday invitations with digital scrap booking. It's really fun, but you do have to have time, which I don't seem to anymore. BUT - I have run across several blogs that are WONDERFUL for sharing freebies of papers, elements and entire kits. So I have spent the past couple of days downloading several things for when I have time again. Lucy & Cayce (mostly) - check out this blog: GingerScraps. I am linking it on my favs over to the right. It's the best one I've found.... SO MUCH cool stuff to download! I'm getting addicted again. Maybe I will try out some of the things I got and post a scrap page soon.... maybe.

Birth Stuff: Well, I'm feeling pretty achy all over... My muscles are stretched to the limit in the belly area. I went this entire pregnancy without a new stretch mark until about 3 days ago! Now I have a whole crop of them right in front and to the sides of my belly button, like evil {(parentheses)}! I'm having more trouble walking and getting up, which is good if that means he is descending downward... and eventually outward! My hips are killing me, also good if they are getting more flexible. My heartburn (which was beyond bad) is all but gone, so I'm thinking he has definitely moved downward and off my stomach. All good signs pointing to oncoming labor **fingers crossed** (knocking on wood)

Bull Shit: So I called in to my OB's office to ask when they had re-scheduled my c-section in the case of no labor.... They said that everything is booked. Booked? What? Everything? So I guess we will just wait and see what happens. I still have my scheduled one for e 28th... (22days more of being pregnant!) But maybe it's a sign that I should just go into labor on my own. I think I will try and see it that way since that's what I want anyway. In other BS news, my husband's work will not let him have any freedom when it comes to his time off for this baby! He must have a scheduled vacation. How do you schedule for labor you ask? You DON'T! You CAN'T! Morons! I understand that his place run with a One-Man-in-Charge at a time schedule.... but geez people. So since the only concrete date we have (thanks to the hospital being totally booked up) is the 28th, then that's when he has scheduled his vacation to start. So if I go into labor today, I have 3 weeks of not having him home... Fabulous! I think too many people are scheduling their c-sections these days!

I think that's all my BS for today....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pregnancy Update

First of all you need to push play on the music video below before you read my post... Why you ask? Because it's funny! That's why!

Ok, anyway....
If you're family or friend you may have already read this in an email today... but whatever, you're here, read it again.
So I'm not dilated and nothing major is going on. He has dropped more since last week but not enough to get labor going. But my OB and I decided that waiting 2 weeks past my due date with a big baby on board isn't the best plan. So we are moving my scheduled c-section up to the week after my due date. So far we haven't quite narrowed down the date but it will be between the 17th and 22nd. I have a feeling that's the way things will go.
I mean, I feel like crap, but I feel fine really. I feel like any person 9 1/2 months pregnant would feel... but I don't feel like labor is on it's way (at least not today I don't).
I hope I go into labor on my own and don't have to have a c-section... but who knows. I'm almost... almost... not caring anymore. Because I have no real control over the situation. I can't make myself go into labor. I'm gonna try all the tricks that aren't too crazy, but they're all just old wives tales anyway!

So hopefully I will be able to Push It... but if not, we're looking a the week of the 17th.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedded Bliss

I went to my friend's wedding last night and had a great time... it was a really nice ceremony and a really pretty reception. Being 9 and a half months pregnant I didn't really get to enjoy myself the way I would have liked to, but I still had fun. It was great to see everyone and catch up. I fell in love with the Bride's dress, it was beautiful!
Even though I couldn't drink or smoke I did spend some time out in the area where most receptions are spent, the smoking area.... Here's a picture of what I couldn't indulge in:
But while we were outside we saw a jogger who was wearing some really nice 80's style shorts and a red headband. He came to a stop in front of where we were hanging out to do some fabulous stretches... I couldn't help myself, I had to take his picture.... Here he is:
I did take some pictures of the more typical type wedding things... I will have several on my Photo Blog in a few days, black and white versions of course. But here are a few color shots of the cake and a really cool silhouette-type portrait of the Bride & Groom during their first dance.

My friend Lucy and I were having a Photo-Off during the reception, trying to get the good artsy, professional photographer shots.... It was really fun - Lucy we need to have another Photo-Off some time! (Okay Lucy - your turn! - Whatcha got - hee hee hee)