Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

So it's New Year's Eve, 2008.

Husband is working, all quiet in the house,
Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.
The kids are all sleeping, snug in their beds,
While we wait for celebratory gun fire to rattle our heads!
I'll be sleeping by midnight, completely sober.
And up by six a.m. and NOT hungover.
So maybe next year we'll go out and party
Have a drink for me, Happy New Year Everybody!

Yes, I'm aware I'm a dork.

But seriously, it's been a good year. We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, had a baby boy, got a new niece, found out of two other nieces on the way... Our family is growing. We tried to sell our home, gave up but will try again in 2009. We have become more organized and frugal than we have ever been. We are healthy and our kids are healthy.

I've made a few resolutions for the 2009 year:
1. I'd like to loose weight. (yeah, you saw that one coming I'm sure)
2. I'd like to become a more active person, physically and socially.
3. I'd like to find a way to contribute financially to my household.

And on a more somber note, this year we (Kirk and I) have resolved to create a plan. A will of sorts. We have 2 kids now and we need to think about what could and would happen if something were to happen to either or both of us. We're not going to get a lawyer and have official wills drawn up, but just write out our basic wishes and keep it somewhere safe. (By the way, for those of you who may ever need to find these documents, they will be in my file cabinet in the "Important Documents" file...) Also, if anyone wants our kids, now's the time to call dibs! Just kidding! Okay - enough of that.

So all in all, it's been a good year. And I'm thinking we will have an even better year in 2009. If anything, we won't have such high medical expenses (because we won't be having a baby in 2009). Hopefully we will have a larger place to call home by the end of the year. And if all goes well, we will have some more of our debt paid off. Kirk may be changing jobs, that will be good. The kids will be turning 3 and 1 (so we have a first birthday party to plan!). More cousins for the kids will be born - yeah babies! Logan will still be an only boy though, poor guy. And I might even think about quitting smoking... but don't hold your nicotine filled breath.

So Happy New Year Everyone - and Goodbye 2008!

Book Recomendations, Please

I need to read a book. I need to read something that will capture my interest pretty quickly so I can get into it... other wise I will end up reading about a page or two a week - and that's no good.

So please recommend a book for me to read - if you have any opinions on the topic. And if you have a book you think I should read and can actually lend me a copy that would be even better!

Ok - just thought I'd ask

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I haven't...

I haven't done much since the holiday season started...

I haven't blogged much at all. I haven't had time. It seems every day (and night) I've had to plan for the next day. What to pack for the kids, where we're going, who's coming here, what time we have to leave, will there be a nap time... It's been busy. But not too bad. I had a fun holiday overall. But I'm tired. AND - one night Kirk sat up and actually read my blog (he never had before I guess) and informed me that he thought it was boring. I guess it is. So I got a little turned off from writing for about 2 weeks...

I haven't lost any weight... The apple pie I made on Christmas is gone. I ate the last of it tonight, thank you very much! Most of the Christmas candy and cookies are gone. There is a tiny bit of ham left and still a few twice baked potatoes in the fridge. And we still have ice cream... But tomorrow is my big day. I'm supposed to really start my weight loss program. And by program I mean to NOT eat like a big fat pig anymore and to try and work out three times a week. We have an exercise bike in the basement (along with a slew of other weight training machines that are not mine and look like I could hurt myself on). I plan to get down there on Mon, Wed, and Fridays... We'll see how it works out. Kirk is supposed to watch the kids by himself for a hour on each of those days. And already he has 'things to do' tomorrow morning which cuts into my agreed upon time... but we'll work it out.

I also haven't done much in the way of my picture taking lately. I should be working on my photography stuff, but I'm not. I'm tired. Once I finally get everyone to sleep I just want to sleep myself. But I've found myself strangely addicted to Lifetime and Hallmark movies the past few days. Geez, they sure know how to make a love story that somehow includes Santa! I usually hate that kind of crap... But I've seen about 4 of them since Christmas! What's up with that? I need to read a book.

I guess that's about all for now...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tell Me...

...what to do with this project!

I got this yarn from my sister in law. I have five skeins of it! It's really colorful and very soft, like baby yarn. I started a square, because I had a hard time crocheting in rows with it because it was so soft. (Maybe I should try again now that I'm used to it) But I stopped my square because I have no plan. I could carry on with the square forever and make a large square blanket... I could make multiple squares and put them together for a variety of things like a blanket, a scarf or two or three, some sort of outfit for the kids... I don't know! Anyone have any ideas?

Here is the square I finished (and one skein of the yarn):

And here is a closer up version:

Progress and Dead Roses

So I was laying in bed last night thinking about how I don't really make much progress around the house. I keep trying to make schedules and lists and plans... they just don't seem to work. Life just keeps getting in the way. It's hard to try and function as a productive person with a baby. (For me at least.) I'm always running on tired. I never feel like I sleep enough or rest enough. And I have a great sleeper too! He sleeps through the night (from around 9pm to 6am). I guess it's just that they are both so young and need constant 'something' all day long. Somebody always needs food, a new diaper, to play, to read a book, to color, to cry for no reason, to be held... So I'm constantly on call from 6am or earlier until about 9pm... no breaks.

So anyway - back to no progress... I feel like my house should be cleaner. For those of you who know me well, I've always been a little messy. I've never been a good housekeeper. I've gotten so much better though. My high school bedroom looked like a laundry room. My college apartments were better because there were other people there to help and to answer to... but my bedroom always looked like the worst room in the place (when the door was actually left open). And my apartment with Kirk was total chaos! He claims to be cleanly - but no, he's sloppy too. And I should say that neither of us is dirty, things are clean underneath all the piles of stuff - we just don't pick up our stuff. And we both had so much stupid stuff! When we moved into a house we were able to throw out things and spread what was left throughout a house as opposed to a one bedroom studio apartment. But now we are in a small house - with 2 kids... and the room thing has taken it's toll. We have things that have no place to go even when the entire house is clean and tidy. Like our son! He doesn't even have a bedroom! So his stuff is in our room, crowding it... and in Nola's room, crowding it up too. We need more space.

I sure do ramble on... anyway... So I've made progress in the cleaning department... But I need to make more. And I need to start teaching my kids how to keep a clean house or I'm going to send two more of me's out into the world... and we don't need two more messy houses out there someday.

Dead Roses - I think my clippings are dead. I'm truly heartbroken! Really. So much work - well, waiting. And a few days of neglect and boom - dead roses! And my giant rose bush out front, the one they were clipped from, almost blew over and snapped in two the other night during our howling wind storm... I went out at 10pm and grabbed roses and twine and tied it back up and saved it just in time - and have many thorn pricks to show for it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bob Boyd

I'm not really sure who Bob Boyd is, other than he used to have a black trunk with his name painted on the side... I got it at a garage sale in late high school and put all my 'stuff' in it. Pictures, diaries, love letters, etc. I've always call the trunk Bob Boyd, cause that's it's name.

I joined Facebook last week and have now reconnected with all 4 of my best friends from gradeschool. I moved from TX to MO at 13 so it's been a long time since we've all seen each other. There were the five of us girls, most of the time broken down into groups of two or three, but always the same five girls. And not only have I found them, but other gradeschool classmates have found me too. Some I totally remember, others I have no clue who they are, or were.

So anyway - I've been doing a lot of remembering the past few days and I would love to look back at pictures from those days... But Bob Boyd has them all! And I'm not sure where exactly Bob Boyd is these days. My mom had him in her house for a long time... But then she and her ex got a storage unit for all their extra stuff and it might be there. They split up and I have no idea what happened to the contents of the storage unit. It may be in her current basement, I'm just not sure. But I would really like to find good ole Bob Boyd and take a look inside!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sick Baby Update

Logan is still sick, but don't tell him! He seems like he doesn't even notice. I hear his chest and his voice and know he's still sick, but he's handling it like a pro!
I went out and bought a humidifier yesterday and the liquid Vicks stuff to put in the water... It seems to be helping him out a lot. Unfortunately my bedroom smells like an old men's locker room! Think Ben-Gay or Deep Heat. I hate that smell. But I can deal with it for Logan's sake.
So far, no fever and he's still sleeping good, so I'm really not to inconvenienced by his illness.... Is that a horrible thing to say or what!? But it's hard dealing with sick kids when they're super needy and there's another kid to deal with who's super hyper!
And also, so far I feel fine. I really hope this one passes me by. Right before Christmas and getting sick would SUCK!
So that's my sick-o update.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sick Baby

Logan is sick. I hate having a sick kid. Really hate it! Not only do I just know the germs will soon pass themselves onto the rest of us and I can envision weeks of snot, fevers and coughing... but I hate to worry about him. And with Christmas coming and family coming in town to meet him for the first time... When they're a little older it gets a little easier... You can teach a toddler how to blow their nose, or clean their hands, or tell you if they really feel bad. But a 4 month old just sits there and swallows all the snot their body makes. No nose blowing, so it turns into congestion, sore throat and cough (which is what Logan currently has). I really hate sickness. I wouldn't say it gives me anxiety - but it's pretty close.

It's so sad, when he cried, his voice is hoarse! He can't even talk and he's loosing his voice. Poor little guy! So far he's not too cranky but I have a feeling he won't be letting me put him down much today. And Nola will just love that!

I will be calling his doctor when they open - and honestly, I hope they just tell me what to do instead of asking me to bring him in - I have a doctor's appointment this morning and then Kirk goes to work - so taking 2 kids to the doctor, one actually being sick - What a bunch of FUN!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pics For Cayce

Above, cropped and turned, then brightened up (or saturated a little)
Below, just closer

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Should be Sleeping!

The baby just went to sleep not too long ago and I should be doing the same... But I've been online now for about 45 min... reading blogs, searching Facebook - so addicted so quickly, damn Facebook! I should be working on my photography stuff... but now I'm blogging myself. Oh will I ever be sleepy tomorrow!

Here is a random list for ya:
Things You Can Do To Macaroni & Cheese
1. Add Peas
2. Add Tuna and Peas
3. Add Hotdogs, sliced
4. Add a can of Chili = ChiliMac
5. Add Chicken
6. Add Chicken and Broccoli
7. Add slices of cheese for X-tra cheesy mac

Good Night and Happy Macaroni Experimentation!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

7 Random Things...

I have been tagged - thanks Lucy! - but will be tagging no further. Here are some random things about me:

1. When I can't fall asleep I do math. I think of some random situation that needs to be figured out and I just do the math until I fall asleep. Like, I give myself a large inheritance from a mystery dead relative - say $545, 000.00 - and I decide, dollar by dollar, what I would do with that money. Or I think more productively, like, if there are X amount of waking hours in a day and the baby sleeps for Y amount and eats Z times, how much formula does he eat in a day and how much will that cost for a day, a week, a month... and until he goes off formula and onto real milk...Yep, that was last week sometime.

2. I hate wearing colored clothes. Black. That's what color I like to wear. Not because I'm morbid, or just so goth or anything, I just like black. It suits me. (and jeans don't count)

3. I'm addicted to sunflower seeds. I eat them almost every day!

4. My car is super messy! You'd be really surprised to see how much crap is in my car! And I never clean it until I have to take it in somewhere to have it worked on...

5. I haven't read a book in over a year. Maybe longer. That's really sad to me. I love to read!

6. I've fallen in love with Big Love - the HBO series. I rented season one and two on Netflix and couldn't get enough. I was surprised how much I missed it once it was over. I don't even know when the next season comes out... and I miss Margie and Nikki and Barb.... some people have Soap Operas, I have rented HBO dramas. I just started the first season of 6 Feet Under to fill the void from Big Love... So far, I really like it.

7. I'm terrified to die. Not of death or of what will happen to me, that part it fine... It's what I will leave behind. I don't want people to have to feel grief on my behalf. It really worries me to think of people I love having to deal with my death. And not that I think I'm some kind of super superstar or anything, just that I know how it feels to loose someone really close and I don't want to make anyone else ever feel that way.... (was that one a little too sad, sorry)

So there you have it - I'm going to bed.....

Blog or Burst

I haven't blogged in a while... I've felt like total crap for at least some part of the day for over a week now. Since the IUD was put in I've had cramps every day. Every day! And they aren't the ignorable kind either, they're the bend over in pain until the Prophens kick in kind. I know it's temporary (it damn well better be) until my body gets used to the 'device' but it sure does suck feeling like you've been on your period for almost 2 weeks!

And the baby has started NOT sleeping through the night. Which does wonders for my current attitude. He stays up later, wakes up earlier and wakes in the middle! Little A-Hole! I love him, but I wish I didn't see him so often in the night. And this morning he peed on me! It's been a very long time since I've been peed on....

Other than that, we had Thanksgiving... it was yummy and fun. We put up our Christmas tree a few days ago - the house is all a glow! But that's about all I put up this year. I don't have very many other decorations but what I do have is still in the box... There's just no room in here anymore with 2 kids, tons of kid crap and regular furniture and a small house. So the tree it is. I will hang our stockings at some point... when I figure out where to put them. Last year they hung from our glass block window (which is now covered by the TV thanks to some rearranging that I didn't agree with). I will have to buy some of those holiday hooks that stick and then release.

I have a date on Friday! Okay - so, no, it's not a date... I'm going shopping with Cayce without my kids! Kirk will be home and agreed to keep them both while I go to Target and spend my birthday gift cards. I already have my luxurious shopping list made: underware, formula, trash bags, a new bra, shoes... and hooks for the stockings. Ever so extravagant don't you think?

That's all for now....