Monday, February 28, 2011

I Love My Cayce...

And my Cayce loves me!

In a tree, beside a lake...

Kissing each other, for goodness sake!

In the desert, hitching a ride...

Little Cayce is by my side!

Ok - so I got a new scanner... and obviously it works...
I just had all these cute pictures of me and Cayce... pardon the cheesy rhyming... I don't know what came over me.... Too much Dr. Seuss I guess....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot Fries on My Thighs

Now is that a blog post title or what?!

So yesterday we went to Target as a family... while walking in to the store there was a big mess of something on the parking lot. As we walked through it Kirk and I both said... "Yum." Not your typical response to parking lot messes... but this mess was a spilled bag of Hot Fries. Some walked on, some driven over, most pulverized into dust... but a few were recognizable enough to make both of us think, Oooo! Hot Fries! (We both had skipped lunch but I doubt the reaction would have been any different had we both just eaten.)

Target done, on to the gas station. And what does Kirk come out of the mini art with? Yes. Ladies and Gentleman, he bought a big bag of Hot Fries!

I tried not to eat too many of them since my weight loss quest has taken a turn for the worse... I lost twelve pounds and recently gained several of those back. So now I'm trying to re-double my efforts and get back on the skinny train. Hot Fries don't equal skinny. Not unless I'm planning on being a finger down the throat kinda girl, which I'm not. So I let him eat more than half the bag while I just nibbled.

But then.... I went to Cayce's last night to play games and drink some wine. I was home around midnight and no one was awake but me and that damn bag of Hot Fries. There was about a third of the bag left... I sat down to finish a recorded episode of Oprah... and damned if those Hot Fries didn't just jump into my mouth and go straight to my thighs! Yep... shamefully I ate the rest of the bag. But on a lighter note, somehow this morning I weigh one pound less than yesterday morning.... so maybe... just maybe... Hot Fries are the key to weight loss success? No? Yeah, probably not. Damn!

So this is Monday and a new day, a new week... and I am going to stick to my workouts and try to stay far far away from Hot Fries and all their lovely relatives (aka junk food). Here's hoping I can report some more success next week on pounds lost... and not Hot Fries devoured. Ooops.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birds and Bees and Puppies

Nola: Mama...ummmm... how does the baby get INTO your belly?
Me: (Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit!) Well, it grows in there. You don't start with a big baby in there, it starts out teeny tiny and grows...
Nola: How does it grow in there?
Me: It just does.... (please let that work, please let that work...)
*long pause*
Nola: (very concerned look on her face) Uh... Mama! Do I have a baby growing inside my MY BELLY?!
Me: No. Not at all! You have to be a grown up to grow a baby.
Nola: How come?
Me: Because your body isn't big enough to have a baby inside it... You need a grown up body.
Nola: Oh. Okay.

And last night she informed me that one of her stuffed dogs (which was made to be a purse and has a zippered pouch in it's back) was gonna have a baby. She had put a smaller puppy into it's belly pouch and told me that tomorrow the baby was gonna be born. So far today, no birth has occurred.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just a Few

I still haven't really caught the photo bug yet... but I did take just a few pictures of the kids yesterday playing outside... So here you go:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh Yea! Tuesday!

I have nothing to blog about... but it's been a while so I thought I'd just start typing and see what came out...

I'm kinda stuck in my weight loss quest. I made it to twelve pounds lost... then gained two back.... then lost one... then another... then gained one.... So I've been stuck between ten and twelve pounds for around two weeks now. I guess that means I need to do more, push harder, be more conscious of what I'm eating (that has slipped considerably since babyshower/superbowl weekend). I need to change up my workout, which so far has just been to ride my stationary bike 3-4 times a week. Anyway... that's that. "Yea" for the solid ten lost and "Crap" for the forty still to go....

Kids doing fine... Logan has become a computer whiz. He is constantly playing games on the internet without any assistance. Doing puzzles online and learning to count to ten. I thought Nola was going to be my baby genius... but he's giving her a serious run for her money!

Kirk hates his job. Not quitting, but looking for other options. Long story short, he was put into a restaurant that was quickly falling downhill and they wanted him to jump in and turn it around and make it great. And taking a pay-cut while being expected to work miracles is no one's cup of tea.... so he wants out. Don't blame him at all....

I haven't taken more than a handful of pictures (of anything - artful or family) in two months! What is my problemo? I think the winter blues are getting to me. No outside, no sunshine, no camera. Oh Spring... Where are you when I need you?

So my plan today is to take some pictures... of something... anything.... maybe. Maybe tomorrow I will put up a post with photos!