Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Garden Pics...

Here are some more veggie garden pics...
This was the garden on 5/18/09:

And here was the garden on 5/27/09 (a lot fuller since the rains have been watering for me - plus we put up the fence to keep out the bad little bunnies):

Here it is from the other side (on 5/27/09):

Here are a couple of early tomatoes turning red already!:

And here is the herb garden section - chives, cilantro, basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano and patchouli:

That's my garden!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vegetable Garden Update

I finally got around to getting my vegetable garden started... I've been planning on it for a while now but the rain kept coming and coming and coming... then we got struck with pneumonia and colds... So today was the day.
We went up to the Depot and got us some dirt.
Came home and I pounded in the edging to set the shape and size.
Dumped in the dirt (and the very stinky compost manure - pee yew!).
And the turned it over and spread it out...

It's about 12 feet by 4 feet, here it is:

It's right beside the patio, with the yard out behind it... You can still see the creator that was left by the tree stump removal - but that part isn't my problem (ha ha ha).

I didn't get around to planting the veggies yet. Some are ready, some are just sprouting. Either way, it was lunch time and we had more pressing yard work to attend to after lunch time (like digging up my tulip bed and clearing the area where our new shed will go later this weekend, if the rain will ever stop!) Here are some of the veggies in waiting - zucchini, broccoli, chives, cilantro, watermelon :

And here are my two dwindling tomato plants waiting to be transplanted from the box planter into the ground.... I hope they last and make it

I also have squash, green beans (pole and bush), okra, lavender, mint, garlic chives, cucumbers (which are barely hanging in there waiting to be planted) and a patchouli plant!

Oh what a garden it will be! If I ever get to plant it ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Stolen Idea

I'm sure you've all see the upside down tomato planter things (they're awful looking green trash bag things...). I really want one but they're so ugly! I'm planning on (eventually) finishing my vegetable garden plot and then planting tomatoes the regular, upright way... but I'm still very curious about this upside down method. I saw an ad for a new version called an Upsy Downsy or something like that.

And here it is:

It's a hanging basket with a hole in the bottom! SO EASY to just do yourself! And SO much more attractive than it's cousin, the Topsy Turvy. I have so many garden 'plans' already backing up on me but if I get around to it I may just try this myself....

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Nola has pneumonia... or as she says, new-mona. It sucks. She's doing really good though. Every time she wakes up (from nap or sleep) she says, "I'm not sick anymore Mama!" She is, but I know that means she's slowly feeling better. I have no idea how she got this sick. She was snotty for a few days and then BAM - totally sick. Thursday she was acting almost normal and then that night was hell - she threw up three times and was breathing so hard... None of us slept much.

So Friday morning we went off to the pediatricain's office to have her checked out. They tested her blood/oxygen levels and they were really low. So they did a breathign treatment right away. She was tested again and her levels were getting better, but not good enough. So another breathing treatment. Then they told me I would have to go straight to the Hospital for chest X-rays. I was not prepared for that. And her doctor said that she would bet anything that there was a little pneumonia in there.

So off we went to the hospital. I couldn't find a parking spot and it was pouring rain. It wasn't raining when we left the house so we weren't dressed for rain, no umbrella, no jackets, nothing... So I had to find a spot in the garage. I couldn't drag a sick little girl through the rain.... That's when I pretty much started crying. I was so worried about her and frusterated about getting into the actual hospital (I had been in the garage circling for at least 20 min). Nola says to me, "It's okay Mama... there's lots of cars in here too. Don't cry Mama, you should be so happy!" I love her. We finally made it into the hospital.

Then we found the x-ray place. Everything was just fine until the lady with apparently no kid skills at all decided to just plop Nola up on the table and pull her down to a lieing position from behind with no warning... I think this would bother anyone, being pulled backwards, but to a frightened 2 year old in a darkened room - what a bitch! So the screaming and crying started. There were two positions she had to be shot from, so the screaming only got worse as we tryed to move her to her side. And that's when I started crying again... I hate crying in front of people... And not once was an "it's okay" or "we'll be done soon" or "you're okay' uttered from this evil x-ray tech. I've heard these complaints from moms a million times. Why on Earth don't they teach these people how to deal with scared children? Bed side manner anyone? I know it's just a jo to them, one person in, next person out... but why not just take a second to soften the process? Oh well - some things never change.

We found out it is a very mild case, but still new-mona. We had a breathing machine (a nebulizer) sent to the house and she is doing treatments 3 times a day plus an antibiotic daily. Hopefully things will be looking up soon. Logan so far, is just a little snotty and acting like normal. We have to keep an eye on him, but fingers crosses, I think he will be okay. I need to get over my own cold. It's beautiful outside today and I want nothing more than to go to the local Farmer's Market that just started within walking distance from my house, or to go work on my vegetable garden... But we are stuck inside this weekend I'm afraid.

Happy Pneumonia Day - I mean Mother's Day - to me!

This is unrelated - but I found Kirk outside the other morning. He camped out by our fire pit to burn the stump wood he dug out... all night long! But - more importantly - look at my Hostas! Those are the ones I transplanted from the front... They are doing fabulously!