Monday, November 30, 2009

What's the Happs

I've been meaning to blog on here more often... I just haven't. But I am now, so YEAH! Kirk was off work this past week (for my birthday and then Thanksgiving). It was nice to have him home but it didn't really feel like vacation. I guess because my day to day routines were uninterrupted, other than the Holiday.

What was I thankful for this year? That I didn't have to do any of the cooking! I made a dish or two, but wasn't in charge of anything really. That was nice.

I'm almost finished with Allyson's Christmas Blanket. Here it is:
I am still working on the border but it's mostly done. A few more days and it will be wrapped up and crossed off my list.
The day after Thanksgiving I was NOT out shopping! I really don't like shopping when there are the regular everyday crowds... so Black Friday was just not an option for me. No desire, no need, no way! Instead we put up our Tree. For over five years now I have used the same color scheme on the tree: red and gold. Pretty, and added to in some way each year, but I'm over it. Last year I went shopping after Christmas at Target (Oh Target!) and got decorations at 75% off. My new color scheme for this year is blue and silver! It needs a little tweeking (and a gate around it so the monsters will leave it alone) but here it is:
And the next day it was so nice that we went out to the park as a family. We had the kids all decked out in coats and hats... those came off within five minutes of being in the glorious sunshine. We played for a long time since I knew the cold weather would be coming soon... Then out to lunch. It was a really nice day. Here is my big handsome man. I can't believe how big he is!
And once again... Screw Black Friday! I'm ALL ABOUT Cyber Monday! I have already done about 2/3 of my entire list online today... All from the comfort of my uncomfortable computer chair! And on top of not going out to do my shopping I have enlisted my kids to do some of the work for me this year. We are going to have some hand made Christmas gifts this year... and not just because I'm cheap (which I admittedly am) but because that's what the season is about... giving a part of yourself to someone else.... So here's a big HIGH FIVE from Nola to you on having a Happy Healthy Handmade Christmas!
(If something resembling this hand shows up under your tree this year, know that you are loved.)

But don't worry - I'm not going totally off the grid into Granola Land... We already bought the kids a game system for Christmas... ;)
Which by the way was AWESOME! Went to the site today, Cyber Monday, and got almost 20% off of everything I ordered. The system (V Smile Motion) is usually around $60 in the stores. I got it for $36! Then I bought an extra controller, an adapter, and two games. The total was around $82 with NO shipping, thank you cyber monday! And as I was checking out it asked me if I had a promo code to enter... so I clicked on over to Google and looked up Vtech promo code and got one! I entered BIGSAVINGS and got an additional 20% off of everything! HooRay! So I got the system for $28 - that's more than 50% off! .... I mean, Santa did all this and told me about it.... shhhh

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Blanket

(Don't look if you are Allyson!)

I made blankets in college, then stopped for a few years and started making them again when I was pregnant with Nola. And since then every baby born into my family has received a handmade blanket from me. But Allyson (who is older than Nola) was born in the years when I wasn't crocheting... and she never got a Janae Blanket. So for Christmas this year I am finally making her a blanket.

I turned my old purse into a sewing bag. Very handy to carry around and the pockets are very useful. I can zip away my scissors and hooks from the kids - who always seem to be magnetically pulled towards balls of yarn like they were kittens or something.

The colors I chose are pink (almost a hot pink), green (a very bright, light green), off white, and a multi-colored pink. There are four colors, and putting them together in the various combinations of two results in 12 different types of squares.

Not sure how many squares I will end up with, but I hope to make rows of 8. I have 36 squares so far and I was hoping for a minimum of 48... but with the sizes of the yarn balls I have left it may just stop at 40 something....

Here are some of the color combos:
Hopefully I will have many more squares to add to the collection and the blanket will be large enough for her to use and love for years to come. And her room is pink and green, so hopefully it will match. If you happen to talk to little Allyson, don't tell her that I'm making this for her. It's a secret - shhhhh....................

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Less Thing

Well, I now have one less thing to do on my list... I deleted my Photo Blog. I have about 50 other things on my list(s) that have prevented me from blogging here, there or anywhere. So Goodbye to A Cup of Black & White.... You will probably not be missed at all little blog. Except by Lucy - sorry Lucy.

I'm thinking of deleting the Blog for my Etsy store as well... I was a little ambitious when I got started... I wasn't expecting to be bum-rushed with sales... but I also didn't expect to get NONE. So the blog seems a little like over kill (and too much work) for nothing. I will keep my Etsy store and hope that it generates a little biz once in a while, but I don't think a blog is necessary.

I'm a little sad to see a few of my things/hobbies going away. I don't seem to have much time for Photography these days either. I still take hundreds of pictures of the kids... and a few good shots pop up here and there. But not like before. I guess two mobile kids and life in general just get in the way from time to time.

I think I will just try and combine it all here. Maybe even blog once in a while to make Lucy happy.

Here are a few pictures in memory of the photo blog that is no more: