Friday, October 7, 2011

A First Impression

I did something yesterday for the first time in over ten years. TEN YEARS! I went on a job interview. First of all, I'd like to say that I think it went really well. We will see what they thought in the next few days....

I found that having all day to get ready for a three o'clock interview was slightly too long a time frame. My house looked like I had gone to prom, not a mere interview. But I had to do laundry, shower, go through my closet, search through my shoes, curl my hair, put on make up, drink lots of coffee, paint my nails (toes and fingers), print and fill out application materials, make sure I knew my strengths and weaknesses... it was a lot to do! My house work suffered.

When getting ready I had forgotten that I'm not quite as long as regular people pants. I buy regular people pants, I hate petite clothes. But I'm short. Whatever, I like pants that go past my ankles Grandma, I just do. Butttt, when you are slightly short and your nice interview pants are regular people length, it forces you to wear high heels. Not something I would recommend for a fist interview if you generally wear high heels approximately two to three times a year. Boots with heals, fine. Shoes with a rise or a lift to them, with a sound base to make floor contact, perfect. High, pointy, uncomfortable shoes that you may or may not have to walk flights of stairs in (I did)... not so ideal. But, long pants = high heels. Hence the toe nail painting, cause my high heels have peekaboo toes. And then the fingers had to match.

So here a few tips when going on an interview for the first time in a long long time:
1. Make sure your pants fit.
2. Practice in your high heels.
3. Realize that you NEVER drive in heels (cause someone else always did the driving when you went to heel requiring situations) and that it's not that easy.
4. Don't forget to eat lunch.
5. (This one is my best advise thus far.) Do not, by any means, start your period the day of your interview.

I would like to report that I was a BIG FAIL on 5 out of 5. (Too much information? So sorry.)

OH! And I would also like to add that I discovered a brand new step in getting ready for an interview ten years later....
Pulling out all your obvious gray hairs! Seriously. Yes, I did that. I was basically ready to go and looking at myself in the mirror and started noticing all the white/gray hairs surrounding my face... So out come the tweezers and pluck, pluck away... Much better.... Who knew this was part of getting ready to give someone a first impression.

So that is my tale... Hopefully I will have some good news to report soon.