Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Projects - June Update

In my sidebar I have listed my current projects.... Here is an update on how they are all going:

Selling My House - We've had several people come by and look. An open house on Sunday the 29th. So far, no bids. Keeping the house in 'showing' condition has been hard but we've gotten so many things done that only have to be done once... now it's just maintaining... hopefully it will get easier as we go, and hopefully we will sell this house before Logan is born. (fingers crossed)

Buying a Bigger House - We haven't even started looking yet (except online for fun). We need to wait and see how much we might get for this house first before we know what our actual price range will be for the next house. But I am going to assume that buying will be easier than selling...

Creating Human Life - 8 months pregnant... wow only 2 months to go! Logan is a completely different pregnancy than Nola was. I'm carrying him so much more forward than I did with her. It hurts. My stomach is constantly poking out in uncomfortable positions. But I haven't gain nearly the weight I did the first time and haven't had the swelling so far either. I really just don't think I'm going to go all the way with him... I'm thinking early August instead of late August.... we shall see!

Crocheting a Blanket for Molly - (Molly is my soon to be, in September, niece) I'm about half way finished. I think the blanket looks so pretty! I can't wait to be finished, even though it's fun to do. And for those of you who know your crocheting, I'm tucking all my tails as I go so when I'm finished I will really be finished... and will all the darn stripes, that's a lot of tails! Here is a 'so far' picture:

Finishing Nola's Baby Book - This is a project I have been procrastinating on for about a year! But I REALLY want to finish before the new baby comes so I can start to procrastinate on his baby book! I have been pretty good about keeping up with her photo album (about 4 pics a month, all in sepia tones, all in one album). I also have an album waiting for Logan too....

Learning About my Camera - Well, this will be a long term thing really. But I'm mainly talking about learning what all the photography term mean and how to use them. Perfecting my skills will take a lifetime, as all learning processes should. Right now, thanks to Lucy, I am going through a 12 week, online photography lesson. I have read a few so far and already learned a lot. I will be posting my lesson projects in my Photo Blog.

365 Photo Project - This is also being posted in my Photo Blog, but I am about 2 weeks into a 52 week project. This is helping me a ton in that it makes me get out my camera and try and be creative every day or so. It's a great hobby that (in my wildest dreams) could someday turn into a money making hobby.

Starting Roses from Clippings - I'm about 2 months into this project. I always thought I didn't like roses, for my own gardens, but now that I have a rose bush of my very own and see it get bigger each year... I love it! And now that we're moving, I really want to take a piece of it with me. I guess it's sentimental... I did lots of research online in trying to decide how to grow a clone of my wonderful rose bush from clippings. After a few days of reading so many different processes, I came across an article that basically said, Cut a clipping with a rose on it. Stick it in a vase of water and enjoy the rose until it dies. Then clip off the rose bud and keep the leaves and stem in the vase until it roots. It may take months, but this is what our Grandmothers and their Mothers did. It's just the easiest way. So that's what I'm doing. Here is a picture of how slimy and strange the cut ends look:

Being 'Greener' - This one is baby step by baby step. I have started using mostly Green Works cleaning products and plan on making my own once I have used up all the misc cleaners under my sink. I have started buying certain things only Organic. I have started a few vegetable plants in the backyard. I switched our bread and pasta to whole grain, mostly. I've switched all our light bulbs to the curly kind and have been super diligent about turning them off when not in use. We installed ceiling fans in all the bedrooms and the dining room to cut down on cooling costs and we waited and suffered through the early heat so as not to turn on the air too early. (I think this will be easier next year when I'm not pregnant). Next I would like to really get into recycling and growing more vegetables. Possibly collecting rain water for the yards/gardens. And composting. Also, sealing up the windows in winter to save on heating costs. It's slow, but steady, and it feels good to do it all, so no harm done!

Growing Vegetables - mentioned above obviously.... I have about 6 green bean plants, 2 pepper plants and around 10 tomato plants all grown from seed. Oh wait, the peppers I bought. But they are all doing good. We had two harvests of beans (about 8 beans each time) and had them all as a side dish at my sisters house, combined with her beans from the plants I gave her. I have 2 peppers growing, one of each kind, jalapeno and red bell. The tomatoes are still small... nothing yet! It's fun that Nola helps me water them and wonderful that she can participate in how the process works of seeds in our window to food on our plates! That's a great lesson for a kid!

Paying Off Debt - Well, I have a 3 year plan to get out of all of our non-mortgage debt. That includes credit cards, cars and student loans. I spent about 3 hours (an entire nap time) working out the details in an Excel spreadsheet. This will bring us to $0 a month in non-mortgage debt in 3 (THREE) years! If we can do it, we're awesome! This is assuming we will incur no more debt along they way, but since we have built our savings up, we just have to only purchase what we can afford. There will surely be emergencies down the road that will change the plan... and who knows how much the birth of this baby will throw off my plan... but it's a start.

If you're wondering what exactly I did... here is step one: Write down all your bills that are monthly loan payments. Then find your contact information for each one and keep it in the same place. Go through each one and find out and write down all of the following information: Company Name, Phone Number, Website Address, Your Account #, User Name and Password (for online or phone), Current Balance, Interest Rate, Monthly Payment (if fixed). This way you can find out your total debt at any time! It's the best reminder of why to stay on track with your plan.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Four Day Vacation...

...but not for me. Kirk has left the state. Let the partying begin! Ok - seriously, not. I have to clean clean clean before the Open House on Sunday. And that's about all. Since it's hard to bend over and I run out of breath every five min - it will take me all two & 1/2 days to clean my already almost clean house.

Side Note: I have updated all my sidebar stuff.... I now have a list of projects I'm currently working on. Also I updated my Favorite Blogs section and put them in order by category. Feel free to check them out... and to tell me of any blogs or websites you think I might like based on my projects or blog list. Also - on my other blog I have all the photography blogs/websites that were here before, as well as a Photo Shoot To Do list.... Check those out too if you want.

In my Projects I have "Grow Roses from clippings". Here are some pictures from 2 days ago of my blooming rose bush. I will take a picture soon of what I have going so far on my clippings, they look creepy and slimy.... Oooh the anticipation! Roots better pop out of the slime soon!
I suppose that's about all for now.... Everyone keep your fingers crossed that my house sells this weekend! Man - wouldn't that be GREAT! 2 weeks on the market and already sold! If Only.... I've already decided that if it doesn't sell by the time we have this next baby we will take it off the market for a while - the house will go on Maternity Leave.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

8 Months & Counting...

So this is what's going on with me.... and you?
This is a 32-33 week pregnancy view.
(Hey - Quit looking at the vagina!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crack is Whack!

Ok - so I'm getting quickly addicted to Blogs....They're like crack! Reading them, searching for new ones, checking my own... and now I have other people I know starting to blog too! It's awesome and tragic at the same time! I started a separate blog just for my black & white photography: A Cup of Black & White. And now I'm thinking that I shouldn't limit myself to just black and white and should also start a color photo blog.... Does one person really need 3 blogs? And will 3 then lead to 4, 5 and 6? Am I on a downward spiral into blogging hell? Will my children go hungry and dirty because Mama can't tear herself away from the computer?

A great woman once said... well, a once great woman who is now just famous for being crazy, once said, "Crack is whack!"

But in defense of crack, I mean blogs... I have learned a lot of new things.... I have a billion ideas swirling in my head for future projects! I have a 3 year, get out of debt plan. I have learned some things about my camera that I wouldn't have known without the persistent reading of blogs... I have recipes for dinners, craft projects and cleaning products! Not to mention I know what celebrities are pregnant and which ones have given birth. And I have all the intentions in the world for trying to go more green. So are they all that bad?

I'm gonna say, NO!
Blog on Baby!
Blog on!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

KaiserCartel - New Music!

Kirk's cousin Courtney and her friend Benjamin are the band KaiserCartel.... We love them and their music. They have a new CD out and a video or two I want you to see...

Here is some info from an email from Courtney:
So much to tell you all. First, thank you to all the New Yorkers who came out for the cd release party at Joe's Pub. It was sold out weeks before and that made us feel really nice:) The new album 'March Forth' is here!!! We are so excited about it. Please review on itunes and anywhere that you buy it online. Available on itunes, bluhammock. com. It should also be available at any record store near you. If you don't see it, please ask them to get it. The record is distributed through Red.
We've got a new video that we want you all to see. It's for the song 'OH NO. We're very proud of our work. We learned cats cradle while on location, but I think we got a little carried away by the end of the video (see video for the FULL story on that). And it's on!! Follow the link:)
We will be going on the road for a long long time....Please check our newly designed website and for tour dates. If we aren't coming to you in July or Aug, we will be through in the fall. We will be doing nothing but playing, touring, writing, and recording.....we are ready to drive!! We will be blogging about our travels with video and written blogs so check the site for updates. Also, please tell friends and family out of town to show us some love. Here are some of the dates, but there are a lot more, so please take the time to check the site. (I'm not including all the dates... too hard to copy over and re-format, sorry)
We were number 93 in the college charts for the new album so that is awesome! We couldn't be more pleased about that! We are getting great radio support all over the place. We even got a myspace from some in Hawaii that has heard it on the radio. Incredible! Please request us on your local stations.
We love you! and thank you for your support for all this time!
-Courtney and Benjamin (KaiserCartel)
So you don't have to navigate away to hear/see the video for Oh No! I will attach it from YouTube... along with another of my favorite songs of theirs, Okay. Please listen and enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

In Other News....

Random Tid-Bits - nothing cohesive today....

We have had 3 showings on our house (not including the weirdo from the previous post who knocked on our door at 8:45 PM) and it's only been on the market for a week!
Funny Side Note: When I returned home from being kicked out for a showing today my neighbor was in my lawn before I was out of the car. He wanted to tell me that someone had been in my house. He wrote down the make model and licence plates in his little notebook (that looked like it had a LOT of neighborhood info in it). If he was that concerned, should he not have actually called the police? I explained to him that it was okay, seeing as that we have a big FOR SALE sign in the front yard! Sling Blade has earned a new name - McGruff the Crime Dog!

I have 61 days to go until my due date.... not sure if I will go that long. I hope I don't. And I have the sleeping thing down pat as far as adjusting all the pillows around me and being totally comfortable! I perfected it and can fall asleep really quickly now. BUT, now my feet are keeping me up at night. I have pretty bad eczema on my feet and they are in a particularly bad flare up right now....

Nola has a "new car"... she found the last of the First Birthday stash and we decided to just give it to her.... Oh my Goodness! It's a Winnie the Pooh car that makes the loudest noises ever! Thanks Aunt Lynn! I think I may back over it in the driveway while maliciously squealing with laughter! It's enough to drive you bananas...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Song

Nola and I have a song... cause we're so darn cute together! She calls it the "Ba Ba Ba song"

I hope this works - here's the video from YouTube:

It's actually called The You and Me song by the Wannadies....
We love to sing and dance to this song - Enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Captain Lives!

Enough Said!

Well - Kirk is now sporting a lovely new eye patch - Walgreen's: $6, if you want to also go for this season's pirate look. His eye isn't exactly getting any better and I guess we're gonna have to make a Dr.'s appointment for next week. Hopefully it improves over the weekend. Or at least before he goes to CA.

Oh, did I mention that he is going to California next weekend (well, for 4 days)? He's going with his Aikido class. I guess you call them a class.... the guys he trains with. His Dojo, Three Rivers Aikido, is affiliated with Steven Segal... yep Steven, too old to be in action movies, Segal. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that.... Anyway - they are going to CA to train with Segal. I know he will have fun, I just hope his eye injury doesn't get in the way..... He will take pictures while he's there. Maybe he'll get a picture of himself and Segal in an eye patch! That would be cool!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

1st Lookie-Loos

So it was 8:40 pm last night and my doorbell rang. I was home alone because Kirk works mostly nights... and it was after 7:30 (which is the cutoff time for prospective home buyers to look at the house) so I thought I was safe. I was wearing lovely gray maternity, Capri, workout type pants that have a big red and white stripe down the side (yeah - they're hot!). And a grey T-shirt (different grey than the pants of course) from Old Navy, circa 1998. The one with the old blue truck on it for those of you who know your vintage Old Navy. OH! and no bra, no shoes. I was wearing my glasses and my ponytail was a mess.... Hey, I thought I was safe for the night.

So I had the option of opening the door or letting whoever it was ring the bell again and take the chance of waking up the baby.... So I chose to see who it was. I opened the peep hole and it was a man about 35. His minivan was on the street and there was a someone in it. I quickly thought, "Oh, it's a minivan, he's a married, dad-type guy, no harm." Didn't think until later that almost all kidnappers, rapists and murders probably own and drive a van for it's convenient criminal aspects.... oops, silly me. I opened the door, trying to cross my arms over my chest.

"Hey - we were driving by and noticed your house was for sale... I was wondering if we could look in your backyard?"

"Ummm... (pause, I was weighing the options here)... yeah, if you just want to look out back... you can go around the driveway....."

"Yeah - I mean, I don't want to come in or anything!" Like I was accusing him of something obscene.

"OK - well, have a look. The back yard is really great." and I'm closing the door as he's waving who I assume is his wife out of the van. She looks a little embarrassed. I waved to her as she shrugged her shoulders.

Then the man turns around and says, "One of the only things you like about the place, huh?" he said accusingly, referring to the backyard....

"What? No, we like the whole house...." Whatever. I just closed the door. And then locked the door. And then hurried to the back of the house to lock the backdoor as well.... They were gone within 5 min.

I hope this isn't the beginning of what's to come with house lookers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pirates and Diapers

Well - Kirk now has a giant eye! And he's off to buy an eye patch. Ahoy There! I will ABSOLUTELY include a picture of that if he lets me take one! Here's what his eye looked like this morning:
But I think he's forgiven Cutie Pants.... How could you resist that face?
Here she is giving her best performance of "Sorry Papa!" I'm not sure he's awake yet...
In other news, it may be time to potty train... as if I need something else to put on my plate! BUT - you gotta do what you gotta do. Might as well strike while the irons hot. She's been telling me that she needs new diapers when they get full. And she will sit on her potty seat (all clothes and diapers on) and say pee pees, and make a pisssss sound.
This morning she told me, "New diaper, Mama." I didn't think it was much of an emergency, I told her we would change her diaper in 5 min. and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. When I came back into the living room she was standing there with no diaper on, first time she's ever taken it off herself, and pointed to it on the floor. "Gucky, Mama.... new diaper?"
So I guess we need to step up our game and start something more than pretend pottying....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hospital Day for Mama Nae & Papa K

Well - it seems we will both be spending time in a hospital today.

I went this morning for my regular bi-weekly maternity check-up. Everything is A-OK with me and baby Logan. My OB said he is measuring perfectly, right on track... I asked if she was sure he wasn't already a toddler... she said no. I also asked if I would have to have an IV in while in labor (which I do NOT want so I can have more freedom and mobility, not to mention not so quick decisions made for me on the spur of the moment). At first she said yes because I had Group B Strep with Nola (which requires 2 IV doses of antibiotics during labor to ensure the health of the baby) and with subsequent children they treat you for this whether you have it or not... in other words, I won't even be tested for it this time, just treated. But then I told her I didn't want to have to carry the IV pole thing around with me and couldn't they give it to me in another form? (Which I have seen done on TV, Thank you very much Discovery Health Channel.) She said no... hummmm... is she lying?
But she did say that I can get whats called a Hep Lock (sp?). Which is basically an IV starter... It's in my vein but not connected to anything until they need it. That way I can get hooked up for the antibiotics, and then I'm also ready to take whatever else I may need if the case arises. I'm cool with that. So all in all, a good visit to the hospital for me.

So.... while I was gone my wonderfully behaved daughter stuck her finger directly into Kirk's eye. Nola the Destroyer strikes again! I called on my way home and he sounded like he was in tears... I found out later it was just because of the continuous watering of his eye that his nose was running as well. He was in serious pain. On the phone I laughed it off and told him he really needed to learn how to defend himself against toddlers... come on now, he's a grown ass man! But when I got home and saw his eye I realized she must have really gotten him good.
He was so cranky and mad and hostile the rest of the day... like I did it or something. I kept Nola away from him as much as I could... she wasn't his favorite person either. I asked him if he was going to call a doctor.... NO! I have to go to work! And then it dawned on me why he was so mad... NOT because he was hurt or in pain or at either of us... but because he might miss a brief moment of work. I have NEVER met someone in my whole life who dedicates himself to his job the way my husband does. I think he really thinks that it would burn to the ground if he called in. He feels like he has no option - he's scheduled to go in - he MUST BE THERE! OR ELSE!

Well - I told him he needed to call or go see a DR. He wouldn't listen. So I looked it up on WebMD and it said in almost every eye case that you should seek medical attention immediately... so then he listened and asked me to call his Dr. and an Opthamologist. They both said to go to the ER.... So he is there now... waiting, missing work - hee hee hee..... I know it's killing him and for some reason that makes me giggle! I just feel he needs to learn a lesson that life is NOT work and work is NOT your life. He called and is in a much better mood.

This is what I said to him right before we got off the phone, which he agreed with and made him laugh, "I would rather you miss an entire day of work, or even loose your job all together, than loose your eyesight. You can ALWAYS get another job, you can't get another eyeball.... And you have such pertty eyes!"

Update: he has a scratched cornea! Pretty dramatic for a kid's finger in your eye!

No More Picture of the Moment

Sorry Folks - but no one seems to care anyway... I will leave the winner of this week's poll (which was actually just chosen by me anyway) up for a little while and then - AWAY WITH YOU!
For those of you who care about my photography, or photography in general, you will be pleased to know that I started another blog with daily photos. The link is along the side and the blog is titled, "A Cup of Black & White" This is motivating me to get out my camera every day and take a picture of something! And hopefully it will improve my skills since I went through all the trouble of getting a fancy schmancy camera!
I will still include pictures with my posts here when they are needed, and probably when they aren't... but no more voting and waiting and whatnot....
Ok - that's all for this announcement.

Here's a picture as a consolation to the doing away with the voting. (for those of you who like to vote on things, I will try to think of something to put a poll up about soon)
Cutest F-ing face EVER!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Always a Tie!

So my picture voting poll isn't going as well as I'd hoped, since we seem to always have a tie. Now we currently have a 5 way tie between the colors.... So in honor my my sister's birthday this past Friday I will choose her family's theme color as the winner. See the new picture below to see what color is the winner. And please feel free to comment here on any suggestions that may be more exciting for next time's poll/picture. I will try and use all suggestions in the next poll (if there are any!). I will wait a few days until creating a new poll.... and if no responses at all are made, I may just quit doing it. Ok - happy Sunday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're Really Doing It!

Our Realtor is coming over on Friday to put a lock box on the door and a "For Sale" sign in the front yard! How scary is that? I'm getting really sad and anxious at the same time about moving!

First of all I have to keep my house clean! Holy Crap! If you know me well - you know that's not one of my strong points. And now that I will be moving into my 8th month of pregnancy and bending over and going up and down the stairs is getting harder and harder, cleaning will be... well... let's just say... AWFUL! So I will need a plan. I don't have one yet - but I really need one!

Second, I'm really sad to leave my backyard. We have spent a lot of time getting it the way it is and now we really enjoy being back there. When we moved in we knew it was a big fenced in backyard, but the back third or so was covered in brush and yard waste (from previous owners just dumping in the back of their own yard!) We removed all that and created a wall and a small brick patio/seating area... There was a giant tree in the front of the yard by the house that was actually tilting the concrete patio. We had that removed and now we are actually getting grass to grow all through the yard. We had our own dog who pooped all over the yard, but we sadly gave her away late this past winter and now the yard is poop-free. Basically it's just nice, and we will be really lucky to get a fenced yard this size again. Oh well...

We just have to have another bedroom. The kids will be too close in age and too far apart in schedules to share a room. And by the time they become 'n*sinc' with each other's patterns they aren't going to want to share a room together.... Nola will want her dolls and dresses and shopping cart full of stuff, and Logan will want his cars and trains and blue crap all over....

So here we go - putting the house on the market..... Once it's up and listed I will put a link for you all to see it and spread the word to anyone who is looking to by a great 2 bedroom house with a wonderful backyard! I hope I survive!

Any bets on whether we will make it out of here before the baby is born? I bet: NO!

Monday, June 9, 2008

75 Days to Go!

Until my due date that is... who knows when he will actually get here. But I just feel like there is no possible way I will be able to be pregnant for 75 more days! I feel huge! And it's so hot outside I can't even stand it. Little one wants to go "Outside Play?" all day long and I just have to tell her no and try and find something else to keep her busy indoors. It's just not even healthy for me to be out in 90+ degree weather!

And I'm sweaty all they time! I take a shower to cool off and 5 min later I'm sweaty again. And I have fans and the AC on and I still wake up in a sweat with the back of my neck and hair wet! Gross! And I can't tell what the actual condition of our house is... I think it's like a sauna and the rest of them are probably freezing! Oh well! I'm pregnant and they're not! I can't exactly run around naked for the summer - no one wants to see that - not even me! And last night I took off my wedding ring. I'm not really swollen yet (NOTHING like last pregnancy!) I still have ankles and wrists and my calves don't look like they're going to pop or anything, all of which was true by month 6 last time! So at 7 1/2 months I just took off my rings in 90 degree weather - I'd say that's pretty good!

I have to go see my OB every 2 weeks now - what a pain! All I do is wait to see her (usually like 45 min in the waiting room), then walk in, have my belly measured and the heartbeat listened to (all of which takes 5 min tops) then I leave. I know it's necessary to a point - I just don't want to have to haul me and the kid out in the heat every 2 weeks. Once a month felt like too much!

Oh, we had our Hospital tour this past weekend. It was great! I think I will like this hospital even better than the one we had Nola in.... which I thought was going to be impossible. I was really bummed about having to change (due to different insurance this time around) but I think it's going to work out for the better. This hospital seems more like it's geared towards natural labor and family care... not as much of a baby factory as others in the area. It's a little smaller but they have more one on one care - so I'm glad about that.

Against my better judgement I am going to include a picture or two of myself (with Nola). We were having a photo shoot this weekend and I got a few belly shots for records sake. So here goes:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Go-Gan's Room

Nola calls Logan, Baby Go-Gan. It's cute... She points to my belly when I ask her where the baby is. And when I raise up my shirt for any reason she points and says, "Baby Go-Gan!" Just thought I would share with you all my plans for the baby's room (if we ever get around to moving so there will be an actual room).

This is the fabric I am going to order to make New Baby's crib blanket and any other accessory that we may need. In case the picture isn't coming through, or you're just so inspired by this blue camo that you want to order your own, here is the link to the website I am buying it from:

All the other stuff I am just going to mis-match from blue, blue camo, stars (blue and white)... Not a very cohesive theme - but hopefully it will be unique and come together enough to look good, and not like a military room. If you would like to see some of the other things I have chosen to buy, take a look at my Babies R Us registry.... (it's not for gift giving reasons, although feel free to buy me whatever you want to - ha ha ha - it's just a list for my own sake). Here is the link to that as well:
Search by my name or my registry #: 71443388

I have already made a blanket (crocheted from yarn) for him but I wanted to have the "quilt" type blanket too. Nola sleeps with both, the blankie I made for her and the comforter her set came with.... So I assume Logan will too. Here is a picture of the blankie that I made for him:

And since Nola's pronunciation of Logan's name sounds like the artist Paul Gauguin, I thought it may be appropriate if we find a print of his work to hang in the nursery somewhere.... Most of his work is of naked Tahitian women, but I think this one might work:
Breton Bather

Monday, June 2, 2008

SlingBlade Nextdoor!

Have you ever seen the movie Sling Blade? The guy, Billy Bob Thornton's character, can fix anything with a motor.... Well - my husband can break anything with a motor - or a chip, an internal computer, anything that runs off batteries or gets it's power from the wall.... Anything... He has a 'magic' touch.... or he is touched, one of the two! So far I think he has broken two small stereos or boom box type things, two iPods, the CD player in his and my cars, two weed whackers, two push lawn mowers and a riding lawn mower! What a man I married!

We currently are on our second lawnmower (that stopped working this morning), our second weed whacker (which was still not working this season as of this morning), and a completely dead, grass killing, space taking up, riding lawnmower.

Our neighbor has fixed many things for us over the years, helped figure out problems around the house and in general has been our personal handy man and mechanic. He's probably about 85 years old. And it drives Kirk crazy that our elderly neighbor can touch something that his own hands have destroyed on contact and bring it back to life... hee hee hee (makes me laugh every time). First thing he always says to Kirk is, "You got gas in that thing?" ha ha ha!

Well, today alone he fixed our weed whacker (for the second time) and then helped Kirk figure out what was wrong with the lawn mower... then took the riding lawn mower over to his driveway, took it apart, fixed several things inside it, put it back together and started it right up!

I don't know what we're going to do when we move.... I guess we will just have to stay within walking distance from our current neighbors... otherwise we may never be able to keep up with our yard work! I'm now currently trying to figure out what the best gift for them is... He's 150 years old so he has every tool and 'thing' he wants.... but we really should get them a thank you for all their help - any suggestions?