Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Conversations

*out of nowhere*
Nola: Mama, I love you..
Me: I love you too.
Nola: And Papa? Does Papa love me when I'm good?
Me: Papa loves you all the time.
Nola: And Logan? Logan loves me all the time, too?
Me: Yes. And do you love Logan all the time?
Nola: Yep! (pause) I'm so proud, Mama.
Me: You're proud?
Nola: I'm very proud of you guys. You and Papa and Logan. I'm very proud.

*talking on her pretend phone to her cousin*
Hi Allyson!
What you doing?
Me? Nothin... Are you at home?
I'm home too.
Why aren't you answering me Allyson?
I'm your friend you know. And your cousin.
I know.
I know.
Are you my best friend?
You wanna come over?
You wanna bring Molly?
Okay, no babies.
I gotta go, I'm really busy.
I love you. Bye.
*to me*
Mama, that was Allyson on my phone. She can't come over right now cause she's busy with Molly but she's my best cousin and we can play in the sprinkler later together.
*walks away...*

You gotta love two year olds.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Universal Mystery Solved (maybe)

So I think I may have just solved a mystery (or a problem) that's been bothering me my whole adult life... Now, this may have been just a fluke, a one time deal, and may never happen for me again. I will let you know upon further investigation.... So what is the big problemo-mystery-thing you ask?

Red sauce staining tupperware. Yeah, I know - one of our world's major dilemmas right? Well... so maybe it's not such a big deal, but it sure does piss me off when I wash dishes and that translucent orange haze remains on plastic containers that have held anything resembling a red sauce... Wash again - still there... wash again - still there.... You know it's clean because you've washed it three times so you just give up and either put it with the clean dishes or throw it away! I usually wait until they're dry and then wipe them out with a paper towel then wash again, which improves the stain but does not vanish it. But today ladies and gentlemen, I figured it out!

As I was washing I realized that as my fingers went over areas on the orange plastic the stain came off....! It was a direct skin to plastic connection that did it! So I put a little hot water in the bowl, a drop or two of dish soap and rubbed it with my hands (as opposed to the sponge). It is now crystal clear! Yes - clean and clear!

I hate touching old food and whatnot with my hands but for a clear plastic container I will do so every time from now on... well, after washing it out a time or two with the sponge... So I have not solved the Economic Crises or World Hunger but it is a small step in domestic upkeep. I just thought I'd share my new found knowledge with the blogging world....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Jumble of Stuff

So July... not much happened in July.

I did get lots of veggies from the garden.... Below is a meal I made mostly from the garden: sauted squash and zucchini, a tomato and basil salad, and a pasta with tomatoes, fresh green beans and basil.... YUM YUM YUMMY!

Also finally finished the laying of stones in my new patio area... I even decided to get creative one morning with Nola and add a decorative center with small colored rocks... I really really like how it turned out:

And here's a little bit o' Logan:

And what's the best way to have a wagon ride? Laying down on a soft blanket with your juice and being pulled around the yard....

But it's also nice to have company on the ride.... Look at his fat belly!

And big news in Logan Land... Standing up! All by himself! Well, not getting up to standing without support, but staying up once up....

And I'm starting a new blanket. For my cousin Ashley's baby boy to be, Oliver. I emailed her pictures of several color combos and this is the one she picked... more pix to come as I actually get to crocheting....

(that's a chocolate brown, a light mustardy brown and a light bright teal)

And my latest project is planning Logan's first birthday party - Whoo Hoo! He will be one on August 19th! We are having his birthday in the same park we had Nola's first birthday party, which we have since renamed the Birthday Park. Here's the big boy waiting to be one:

And the theme of the party is....


So that's my big jumble of stuff....