Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BL Tuesday

(that's Biggest Looser Tuesday)

So not a very productive week again. I did have my 6 week checkup today and all is well. I'm am officially recovered from the c-section and can do whatever I please. I guess that means there are no excuses any more... except life, kids, chores, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, eating, sleeping... Yeah - I'll find time to workout someday!

This weeks pounds lost: 01
Total pounds lost: 26
Weight loss goal: 70
Pounds to go: 44

Same as last week so I guess I need to do something different next week.
Goals for this week: Drink 10 glasses of water a day (80 ounces). Go on at least 2 long walks with the kids.
Hope for next week: 4 pounds!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Day

(starting last night)
10:00 pm - go to sleep
12:30 am - wake up to feed baby
1:30 am - go back to sleep
3:00 am - wake to feed baby
4:00 am - go back to sleep
5:50 am - baby wakes up, fed him
6:45 am - toddler wakes up... and starts her day screaming!
8:00 am - wake up husband so I don't go insane, toddler still screaming
9:00 am - husband actually wakes up to help
10:00 am - do all dishes, they were piled up pretty bad
11:00 am - make lunch, with toddler and baby screaming
12:00 pm - baby to sleep, outside with toddler to play
1:00 pm - naptime for toddler, baby wakes as soon as she gets in bed!
1:30 pm - put baby back to sleep after feeding him
1:45 pm - husband goes to work, I fall asleep on couch
2:30 pm - baby wakes up - cuddle with him and sleep on couch together
3:15 pm - toddler wakes up - cranky
3:30 pm - go to sister's house with both kids
5:00 pm - make dinner at sister's house
6:00 pm - eat dinner, toddler refuses and throws fit! Huge fit!
6:30 pm - forced to leave sister's house because of fit!
8:00 pm - toddler to bed, feed baby
8:45 pm - baby to bed
9:00 pm - blogging about how sucky my day was

Anyone wanna babysit?

No Loss

I need to start doing something in order to loose weight. I've done nothing so far and I haven't really lost any weight this week (I still have till Tuesday to weigh in, but so far, nothing). I think I need to start small and work in some simple things... I know I need to increase my water intake (and coffee apparently doesn't count). I used to drink loads of water every day, now it's coffee whenever I'm awake... just to stay awake.

I need to start walking more, but the stroller situation only allows me to go on walks with another person. So if Kirk is working (which is most of the time) I can't go. I need to start looking at garage sales for double strollers.

I also need to start cooking more and stop eating fast food. That should save me money as well!

Ok - well, I hear babies waking up so I best get off the computer and go get somebody.
Sorry so quick.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Molly!

My niece Molly was born today - so cute!
She was 6lb 15oz and 19.5 inches long... a little girl.
She has a ton of hair - long and brown.
I can't wait until she starts to grow and change and become her own little person! She looks different from my two kids and her sister when they were all born (they all looked similar to each other). So she's going to surprise us with her good looks!

Happy Birthday Molly!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Cayce's having a baby!
I'm excited!

I think she will be under 8lbs...
I'm going to guess... 7 lb. 14 oz.
And I think she will have lots of hair and be super cutie dootie!

Will update tomorrow after I get back from the hospital! With pictures!

Projects Update - August & September

Creating Human Life - FINISHED!
Well - Logan was born so this is over... and there are no plans to have any more so I think my baby making days are over. Good... and sad.

Starting Roses from Clippings - In Progress
I have roots but the clippings are still in water. I'm too scared to move them to pots with dirt. I'm afraid that the hard work (of waiting so long) will be ruined if they die.... Who know what I will do. I think I have to move them to dirt soon.

Growing Vegetables - FINISHED for this year
It's fall and I just don't care anymore... will try again next year.

365 Project - 97/365 - In Progress
(see the other blog for this one)

Selling My House - Quitting Soon
As soon as our agreement is up with our Realtor we will take the house off the market and start doing some major changes around here. We are learning to live in our small house with us and the kids, so we are just going to work it out until we can't anymore. We have plans for a play room in the basement and a new patio out back. I have plans for new flower beds and maybe a new garden.... We shall see.

Paying Off Debt - In Progress
We have obtained more debt thanks to a car problem ($700+) but we have a plan in the works... possibly going to refi our house... Still have to meet with someone to weigh the pros and cons financially - but I think it may get rid of our car payment and free up a lot of money...

Being 'Greener' - OnGoing
Nothing to report here - will get back into this more when life settles down some

Learning About my Camera - OnGoing
Not doing much on this front either... just barely taking pictures these days...

Buying a Bigger House - Project Abandoned
Enough said....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biggest Looser!

Well - I'm a big fan of the Biggest Looser show that airs on Tuesdays for 2 whole hours... And since I'm needing to loose quite a bit a weight (baby weight and my own hard earned weight) I thought I would join in the Tuesday weigh-ins. Now, I'm not quite ready to post on here each Tuesday what exactly I weigh... but I will tell you how much I've lost. I haven't really started doing anything to loose weight yet - I'm still in the 6 week Cesarean recovery stage (one week to go). We've taken a few walks with the kids and that's about it. And as far as eating goes, I've made absolutely no effort there either yet. As of last week I had lost 24 pounds since delivery. And I'm pretty sure that all that was just bound to come off on it's own anyway.. but I'm still counting it. It helps in the motivation department!

This weeks pounds lost: 01
Total pounds lost: 25
Weight loss goal: 70
Pounds to go: 45

I think the effortless weight loss period is over. Now I need to step up my game and try to loose weight by actually doing something! Darn! If anyone wants to join in on my Biggest Looser plan - let me know!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick Day

So, Nola is sick. I've become somewhat of a germ-a-phobe... I'm not too bad, but I truly wish I could insert my children into bubbles when we leave the house. It seems like every time we pass a snot nosed kid in public, someone in my house gets sick. Maybe it's because we don't integrate with the public much, but I sure wish people would wear signs that inform you when they're sick. Or at least have the courtesy to wear face masks and gloves if they decide to take their germs out into the world. China does it. And I don't go around people when I'm sick... I try not to anyway.

Nola has been one serious pain in the ass today. I love her but GEEZ! She's been crying non stop and yelling "NO!" over and over again... about what? Who knows! She's just miserable and apparently wants us to be right there with her. We let her watch cartoon movies on the couch today with her covers from her bed. And she was allowed to eat a couple of cookies and cheese crackers (this was not quite my idea and I'm still finding the crumbs hours later). I do have to admit though, that she was pretty cute sitting there, all snot faced and sick on the couch....
Here, take a look for yourself:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Like a Baby

"Sleep like a Baby" - OK that's the dumbest damned quote I've ever heard! Baby sleep is crap! Well - I have a good sleeper on my hands and it's still crap! I'm just really tired. And cranky - can you tell? All the babies here are sleeping... I'm just waiting out the 10 min period where I feel comfortable going to sleep myself. I'd rather wait out the 10 min than get in bed all cozy and have cries 5 min into it... Then I just get up all pissed off.

Lately I've been going to sleep so good. It's the kind of sleep where you finally get into bed, your whole body is tired (even your fingers and toes are jello), and you feel like you just melt into your bed. Nothing has ever felt so comfortable before in your life than your pillows and blankets. And sleep comes so easily. One second you're walking and talking and the next you're gone. Gone. No dreams, no tossing, no turning... you wake up in the same exact position you fell into when you got into bed hours ago. No getting up to pee every hour (I don't miss that at all from the pregnancy days). Oh, sleep! It doesn't happen exactly when I want it to these days, but when it does.... I think it may be better than sex.

And on that note - Goodnight!
(sorry husband of mine - but sleep wins these days!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out and About

Well - today I went to the grocery store for the first time in over 2 months (no, we haven't been starving, I have been sending the Mr.). I took the bigger kid and he kept the little one. It was nice to go out with just her... But a funny thing happened...
As I was driving away from the house my boobs started hurting. It was like my nipples were a GPS system and I was traveling out of breastfeeding range. I tried to ignore it and eventually it went away. Oh, the power of motherhood.
I keep thinking and telling myself and others that my breastfeeding days are limited and that I'm going to switch completely over to formula... But I keep finding myself with a boob in the kid's mouth! Oh well!

I also went to my sister's house today after the grocery store and before nap time... We had lunch, broke up some toddler squabbles, played outside and discussed our future in craft making and selling. I always seem to find myself dreaming up the next thing I could do to earn income... Ummmm, I'm still broke so I obviously haven't thought up anything great yet! At this point I'm just proud of myself for leaving the house 2ce in one day! Unfortunately the afternoon is still yo come and that is hell time! Both kids need to eat, be entertained, sometimes bathed, paid attention to... AND put to sleep! It's a lot to do by yourself. Little one always seems to need to eat or is crying because he's hungry, when the big one is ready for books and jammies and bedtime. If I had four arms and superpowers it would be no biggie!

Friday, September 12, 2008

What's Up...

Well - It's nap time and both kids are sleeping (a major miracle in my world) so I thought I should Blog!

Logan is doing good - he's starting to lift his head up a little... and his tiny clothes are getting tighter on him... and his itty bitty diapers are starting to look a little small on his baby butt. Which is all good - he's growing.

Having said that, I think I'm about ready to switch to a more formula based diet for him... I'm feeling a little guilty about it but it's just so hard to breastfeed with a 2 year old causing havoc around the house. He seems to always be hungry! And he takes over half an hour to eat every time... and that's just way too much freedom for Miss Nola! She ripped up a used boobie pad (the things you put in your bra to stop the leaking on your shirt) ... and put parts of it in her mouth! SO GROSS! I had to tear Logan off my boob to stop her... and I was a little too late! She also takes out all the movies from the shelves and splays them around the room... or removes everything from the portable diaper box I have and throws it around the living room - diapers, wipes, clothes, creams, binkies, everything! Hello Terrible Twos!

If I feed him a bottle it takes less than 10 min and is only repeated every 4 hours or so... as opposed to every 2 hours and for almost an hour. There are mom's out there who do it everyday - and I think they must have special magic powers. But I think my boobie feeding days are limited....

I went out the other day for the first time... first time driving in almost a month! And the first time by myself with both kids! Granted, I only went 5 min away to my sister's house... but I still had to pack for and load up both kids in the car... and then remove them once we got home. It wasn't too bad. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no intentions of attempting to go to any store alone with them both! Not any time soon - or ever! Either one alone is fine... but not both! Not without backup! I think those people with 6+ kids are seriously ... well... I can't even think of a word to type here.... More power to ya folks! I would never leave the house. I barely do now!

Ok- well - enough blogging for one afternoon... I hear a squeak or two coming from the little one so I better get going.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Nothing

Not too much going on (as usual) except being a new mom again. Logan is still impressing me with his sleeping and Nola has started to bite me when I'm breastfeeding! She has grabbed him by the head 2ce now (with her nails poking into his skin). But other than that she is just smothering him with love and kisses - a little too much, but it's still cute.

I'm getting so excited for Fall to get here - it's such nice weather out lately. We spent hours outside today - it was great. Even Baby Gogan joined us in the backyard for over an hour. I cut a "tunnel" in one of our bushes for the girls (Nola and Allyson) to run through. We have a large tree/bush in the backyard next to the chain link fence and I just cut back all the branches so there is a passageway to go through, toddler size. They enjoyed it. Except for the bugs. They were so cute today laying in the grass and running around. They think they are playing hide and seek, although there is no real hiding, or seeking for that matter... they just take turns counting to 5 and then running to where the other one is... Kids are cute sometimes!

Well - both of mine are asleep so I will go and join them. It's only 9pm but I have to catch my Z's when I can. Peace Out!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update (part two)

Back again - not sure how long it will be...

Well - today I've already been up for 3.5 hours and it's only 8:30am! Oh well - early is better than late. We're all doing good these days. Logan is starting to fill out just a little bit. He just so skinny! Nola is becoming more like herself, thank goodness!
I hate to say it but I just don't have too much to say! I haven't been up to much. Other than all the stuff around the house. Which isn't very blog-worthy. I haven't been on top of my picture blog either - oops! I will catch up one of these days.

Tuesday will be 3 weeks! It's been a whirl wind really. It's gone by pretty quickly. Although sometimes slower than paint drying... but overall, I can't believe Logan has been here for 3 weeks already! I ordered our birth announcements (and have kept the pictures on it from going out on Shutterfly so they will be new to everyone who get them)... but I will include a couple of them today... for those small few of you who read this. Consider it a preview given out of guilt from not keeping up with writing much anymore....


Friday, September 5, 2008

Update (part one)

Well - it's been a while. Logan is now almost 3 weeks old! And it still feels like things are upside down around here! I guess it will just be that way until upside down is the new normal! He's a great sleeper - I can't really complain there. He sleeps at least 6 hours and then another 2-3 each night.... yeah - I know - no room to complain there! But I'm still always just so sleepy! Nola has become rather bratty but I guess that's to be expected too. She'll get better as our routine falls into place....

Oh Geeez! I gotta go - Baby's crying again.... will try to get back online later.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I've had a virus! A computer virus! But as of tonight I'm back online... Not up and running 100% but I can at least connect to the internet. It's late and I have to get some much needed rest - but I hope to be posting again soon! Sorry for such a delay....