Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Somewhat on Track

This is another post about my fat. I know - fascinating, right?

I lost 12 pounds... then accidentally gained back around five. Now I'm back to my 12 lost. I started on January 1st and aimed to loose a pound a week. After consulting my calendar I realize it's been nine weeks. Around four weeks in I decided that I was doing so well that I would up my goal to two pounds a week so I could be closer to my goal by summer...

According to my original plan I'm rocken and rollin... 3 pounds ahead.
According to my revised plan I'm kinda sucken it... 6 pounds behind.

So I think I will consider myself somewhat on track and just keep on keepin on.

I have one more pound to loose before I drop down to the next 'decade' in pounds. By that I mean counting by tens... so if I weighed in the 330's and was about to drop into the 320's... you know, the decades of weight.... anyway... one pound to go till I move down another decade.... and I'm not gonna tell you what that decade is...

So yep - that is all.