Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Showers

Wow, I'm really rolling here at one blog post a month! Go me!

So it rained here in the Lou... for a month! It's raining now and probably won't stop until June. Somehow, despite the rain, we managed to put up a new swing set, mow the grass for the first time this year, plant the front flower bed, survive an allergy/asthma attack (nola), gain new employment (me), and slosh through Easter.

Swing set plus all day basking in the pollen equals steroids and nebulizer treatments for the four year old, not to mention a new routine of checking pollen counts, administering Benedryl, lots of changing clothes and after-play showers. Spring has sprung! The only good thing about all this rain is that it washes away the pollen. Maybe it will rain until the flora has stopped blooming and we will be free to roam the yard again without fear of the evil yellow stuff.

Logan helping Uncle Scoot build the Swing Set.

Waiting for a Swing Set to be built is tough....

Unless you end up in a chair with your partner in crime and just giggle till you pee your pants!

So, I have a job. Yep. Me. I'm helping a friend do landscaping. Only two days a week, and only if those two days work for everyone involved... but it's been really fun so far. I get to start and finish a project in the yard, not MY yard, but A yard. Around here outside projects get delayed for potty breaks, settlements of disputes, getting balls from over the fence, getting snacks, drinks, toys, etc... you get it - kids get in the way of yard work. So not only do I get a break from the monkeys but I'm getting to work outside, which I love. And if that wasn't enough for me to do it... I'm actually getting paid!

And today is Easter. We woke up to bunny baskets and then quickly got dressed in our wonderfully handmade by Cayce Easter clothes... (not me, she totally didn't make me an Easter dress this year, but I'm crossing my fingers for next year).

The kids and I went to my mom's for more baskets and an indoor egg hunt (rain!) and some honey baked ham. Yum.

Now we're home and waiting for yet another round of storms. **Oh! By the way... we were SO SO SO close to all the Airport Damaging Tornadoes! And luckily we live in a small pocket that didn't get any severe weather, although the adjoining towns to our west, north, and north east got hit really hard - ie. the airport.**

That is all for April so far. Not much left of this month so no one hold their breath that I will be posting again until May Flowers....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

March On...

So March was lame. Nothing much happened. We did go to Indiana to visit Grandpa and entertain the idea of moving to Effingham, IL. Kirk was offered a job there and we went to check it out on the way back from IN. Ummm, that would be a resounding Hells to the No! No offense Effingham, but I'm just not a country girl. And it's called f-ing Effingham. For those of you who've driven through the middle of America a time or two, it's the Illinois town with the big, giant cross on the side of the highway. That's the main attraction I think. And possibly the only attraction.

Anyway... that's about the extent of my news from March. (I've lost 15 pounds, but that's not very exciting.)

While visiting Grandpa, the kids received Easter stuff, including a gingerbread bunny house. Here are some pictures of that and Alyssa, the over-sized dog that my in-laws own...