Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Big Three (and a cake)

And Logan turned the big THREE.
Here's a little early birthday present for Logan and Nola...


And thank you Dollar Store for all the birthday supplies I needed!

A few yellow gift bags and a Sharpie and voila! Goodie bags for a construction themed party (and with only four kids to cater to this only took about 30 min)

And onto the cake... Construction is the theme... I bought tractors and chocolate cake mix, brownie mix and a few other candies to make a construction scene on a cake...

First there was the Circus Peanuts.. the most disgusting candy ever but as orange as a construction cone! I cut and molded them into cones... sticky, sticky, sticky!

And a pan of brownies to make into boulders... first I scooped out spoon fulls of baked brownie:

Rolled them into balls and dusted them in powdered sugar...

And we have brownie rocks! so so so so so yummmm! (in my opinion, the best part of the cake)

I baked a chocolate cake, iced it with green icing and made a road from black licorice. I put it on the bottom side of a sheet pan (cookie sheet) and iced that too.

Then I dug out a hole or two from the cake and let the chocolate cake pile up like dirt, surrounded then with hazard cones, stuck the construction vehicles on with icing and added boulders and additional cones.... TaDa! A construction cake!

Logan loved it!

Happy Birthday Little Baby Boo.

And then he opened his present from his sister, a Thor helmet and hammer...

Happy Birthday Thor! He is kinda big and blond like an Azgardian.

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lucylucia said...

Oh Happy Birthday to Logan! Janae that cake is awesome. And full of LOVE!!